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Weddings are not just about two people in union but, they are a union of families, friends and a lot more. Capturing weddings is a predominant genre that interests Prateek. What draws him to this genre is, how an emotional journey can be turned into a fond keepsake of memories. The mélange of colors, rituals, decor, stolen glances, muffled tears, all the frolicking, the light dances and the pirouettes are worth encapsulating. Photographs are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. Providing his clients with a first-hand ocular experience, also seeing them re-live every moment is what adds to his love for wedding photography.

Eager to spread his wings he founded his business in 2016 where he put together a team of highly skilled and experienced photographers and cinematographers. Since 2019, Prateek has been on a constant journey of remodeling, upskilling and has captured over 150+ weddings nationally and internationally. His expertise lies in creating alluring visual tales. As Kate Zabriskie rightly quotes’, “The customer’s perception is your reality”, the prime focus of Prateek and his team is to prioritize their customers and work collaboratively to make their valuable memories and special days come alive through photographs.

Copyright © 2020.

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